Withholding Known Health Risk Information From Residents

December 18. 2019 - Decatur City Attorneys are pushing city council members to sign a "confidentiality agreement" prohibiting council members from disclosing information regarding "IMMINENT AND SUBSTANTIAL ENDANGERMENT TO OUR HEALTH" unless a majority of the city council approves it!


While some council members are currently refusing to sign this "Hush Agreement" MAYOR TAB BOWLING has NOT yet responded or committed to his intentions on this - AND this is very likely going to be voted on in a SECRET "Executive" Session very soon!


FIRST - Take our electronic survey. While your response here is anonymous - all submissions will be electronically tabulated and presented to Decatur City Council for them so see. 

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THIRD -  Contact Mayor Tab Bowling and our City Council members and remind them of their duties to the residents by whom they were elected, and for whom, they are supposed to be working!  

MAYOR:       Tab Bowling     Phone (256) 341-4502  

DISTRICT 1: Billy Jackson    Phone (256) 351-8277

DISTRICT 2: Kristi Hill          Phone (256) 476-2184

DISTRICT 3: Paige Bibbee   Phone (256) 306-6775

DISTRICT 4: Charles Kirby  Phone (256) 341-4784

DISTRICT 5: Chuck Ard       Phone (256) 341-4785


$267,000 City Slogan & Branding

The City of Decatur City Council recently approved spending of more than $267,000 (TWO HUNDRED SIXTY SEVEN THOUSAND) of OUR tax dollars to hire a Birmingham Corporation to create and market a slogan and conceptual branding, for the City of Decatur. View the approved contract here. The slogan presented for our (more than) Quarter million tax dollars?  Decatur "A Little Different"

No... We are not pulling your leg!  

This contract with "BIG CORP" was moved for approval by Councilmen Kristi Hill (Dist 2) and Chuck Ard (Dist 5) and was approved, by a 4 to 1 vote, on Dec 17, 2018 with Resolution 18-38. View the resolution vote here.


Do YOU approve of this use of OUR tax dollars?

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Some City Council members are now questioning if this slogan "A Little Different" is the best branding message for Decatur. 

But, with MORE THAN A QUARTER MILLION of OUR TAX DOLLARS spent on a slogan & branding for Decatur - THIS group of concerned Decatur residents has an altogether different question for the members of our City Council: 

"$267,000 On Branding? - WHAT WERE Y'ALL THINKING???" 

Muliti-Million Dollar Renovation / New City Hall?

City Council member Charles Kirby (District 4) recently suggested the need to spend TENS OF MILLIONS MORE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS on renovating or even possibly rebuilding Decatur City Hall! And, Council President Paige Bibbee (District 3)  stated that she generally agrees with this assessment.  And while some contend that this should not be a priority and that Decatur just doesn't have the funds for such an immense and unnecessary project, Councilman Chuck Ard (District 5) suggests that we may need a tax increase to fund such a project!


It's Time Decatur Residents Had a Voice!

We will continue to share new issues of concern as we learn of them! But YOUR help is imperative to effecting better government in Decatur, and in holding our City Council members accounatable! 


"Decatur Watchdogs - Citizens For a Better Decatur" is a resident led initiative to effect better government in Decatur AL, by shedding light on the activities of Decatur's City Council and holding them accountable for their policies, their actions, and their use, misuse, and abuse of OUR tax dollars.

This group will serve to be "the eyes and ears" of Decatur residents. We will continue to watch over our Decatur City Council, shining light on their activities, reporting to residents on important issues - and calling residents to action when needed!

Our efforts are only effective if Decatur residents, stay informed, organize, and make our voices heard when necessary!  

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Remember, the government we help to make better - will be our own!


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